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St Martin Lutheran Church – Cemetery


 St. Martin Cemetery 


We are still in the process of verifying and updating our records.  If you see a mistake with a date, spelling, etc., please contact the church office 715.823.6538 ext. 2110.

Any questions regarding plots available, please contact the church office and we will forward you to the person looking after the cemetery.


Cemetery Board Members:  Arlyn Pingel (Chairman), Walley Pingel, Duane Reetz, Les Nachtrab, Tom Kiefer, Jim Klingbeil

Cemetery Reminders

Spring and summer decorations may go up May 1st and be taken down by October 15th; fall and winter decorations may go up November 1st and be taken down by April 15th.   Please remember these important dates and share them with relatives. 


Thanks to those who removed their items on time; the caretakers really appreciated it!  When you’re choosing your decorations, please be advised that the Cemetery Board and caretakers will not be responsible if glass and other similar items are broken. 

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